Why Should One Go for Femtolasik for Laser Vision Correction

Why Should One Go for Femtolasik for Laser Vision Correction

Glasses can be annoying on many occasions as they interfere with carrying out activities freely. When one decides to go ahead with laser vision correction one should go for the best technology.

Femto Lasik is also called bladeless LASIK.

In femto lasik, two lasers are used. The femtosecond laser created the corneal flap and the excimer laser reshapes the underlying corneal tissue. The flap is then placed back and helps in seeing without using glasses. This procedure is recommended for mild to moderate myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism. The duration is about 10 minutes per eye and recovery occurs in 24 to 48 hours. One can resume work soon after the Lasik procedure as compared to a blade Lasik.

The advantages are:

  • – High safety
  • – Increased precision
  • – Short procedure
  • – Quick recovery

Aftercare includes:

  • – No water splashing on the face
  • – No cosmetics or creams near the eyes for a month
  • – Use drops as advised
  • – No swimming for a month
  • – No vigorous physical activity for a month.

If one wants to get rid of glasses one must think about femto lasik as the solution.

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