Best Oculoplasty Surgeon In Pune

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Best Oculoplasty Surgeon In Pune

Are you searching for the Best Oculoplasty Surgeon in Pune?

Oculoplasty is the branch of ophthalmology which deals with plastic surgery of the eyes and the immediate surrounding structures. It also includes the eyelids, brows and most of the face. To be the best oculoplasty surgeon one needs extensive and long-term training. Dr Ramesh Murthy is counted among the best oculoplasty surgeon in Pune and India. He has undergone many years of training in India at L V Prasad eye Institute, Hyderabad and at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London with best oculoplasty surgeons in the world in the field of oculoplasty. Coupled with that he has experience of working with the best institutes in the country, Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai and L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. He has also taught many doctors the nuances of oculoplasty both in India and abroad.

Experience matters in understanding the way the eyes and tissues behave and to ensure that each patient gets a personalized approach. Having nearly two decades of experience has helped Dr Ramesh Murthy become one of the best oculoplasty surgeon in Pune and India. The finesse and skill of surgery develops as one performs more surgeries. With state-of-the-art facilities, Axis Eye Clinic can deliver the best results in oculoplasty. Patients come from all over the state of Maharashtra, and outside and even from abroad as the results of surgery done at Axis Eye Clinic are well appreciated with high patient satisfaction and excellent outcome. It is also important to keep upgrading one’s skills. Dr Ramesh Murthy is abreast with all the developments in the field of oculoplasty and aesthetics and this makes him one of the best oculoplasty surgeons of not only Pune but also India.
With a huge number of patients coming to Axis Eye Clinic and seeking advice and opting for surgery, Axis Eye Clinic is surely one of the best centers for oculoplasty and Dr Ramesh Murthy one of the best oculoplasty surgeon in Pune.

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