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Rehabilitation for the One-Eyed: Customized Ocular Prosthesis

Loss of an eye deeply affects the individual’s self- esteem in addition to loss of binocular vision and depth perception. With newer innovations in artificial eye making, the staff at our center strives to provide the best possible cosmetic rehabilitation with a Custom-made ocular prosthesis (artificial eye).

What is a Custom-made Ocular Prosthesis? 

An ocular prosthesis is a non-optical device designed to improve the cosmesis of an individual with anophthalmic socket or disfigured eye. It doesn’t restore the sight in the damaged eye.

How is a Custom-made ocular prosthesis made?

The technique of fabrication of a custom ocular prosthesis takes 1-2 days. It involves obtaining the impression from the patient’s socket and its replication into a wax prototype. The prosthesis is made from bio-compatible PMMA polymer.

What kind of results can I expect?

The prosthesis will look natural; however the results vary from one patient to another. The color and size are matched optimally to give the prosthesis a real-time motility and normal appearance.

Does the prosthesis require any care and maintenance?

Yes, the prosthesis would require polishing by your ocularist at least once a year for a comfortable wear. Prosthesis needs to be replaced every 5-8 years due to changes in the bony orbit and the tissue changes over time.

Custom-made Ocular prosthesisStock eye
Best cosmesis with good eye movementsPoor cosmesis, ill-fitting
Longer wearing periodLess wearing time due to allergic reaction
Long lasting(5-8 years)Develops cracks, needs frequent replacement.
Modifications possibleDamages lid & socket anatomy
Maintains shape of the cavityNeeds to be removed at night as creates excessive allergic reaction and discharge
Can wear without removal for months

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