Know More About Cataracts

Know More About Cataracts

The development of cataract is an age-related change which affects the vision of the eyes.

1. How does it develop?
The lens fibres and proteins in the lens break down and become cloudy. It is a progressive condition. This starts developing after the age of 50 years. Slowly progressive worsening of the vision occurs and this starts to interfere with daily activities.

2. What are the treatment options ?
Initially glasses help, but frequent change of power occurs. The only solution for this is surgery.

3. When should one undergo surgery for cataract ?
Earlier the better, one should not wait as this affects the outcome of the surgery. The right time to undergo surgery is when it interferes with daily activities. Never delay the surgery.

Best method for surgery –
Phacoemulsification is the best method as this is least traumatic and ensures fast recovery from surgery. Technique is no injection, no stitch, no bandage surgery.


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