Which Is Worse Lazy Eye or Squint

Which Is Worse Lazy Eye or Squint

I am sure this question has come to mind when we have a family member who has both a squint and a lazy eye. For a layperson, it is not easy to comprehend what is happening, and what are the repercussions. It is interesting that many times these two entities coexist in the same person. Squint is a misalignment of the eyes and this can be evident to everyone when they look at the person.

Now let us understand how lazy eye happens. When there is a squint both eyes are not used, and one eye focuses at one time. Due to this the brain gets confused with the two images and tries to suppress the image of one eye and this eye becomes weaker and a lazy eye or amblyopic eye. All this happens in childhood. Most of the maturity of the eyes happens before 7 years of age. Hence it is important to ensure early correction of the lazy eye.

How a lazy eye sees!

A lazy eye is difficult to correct as the child gets older as the visual system is mature and cannot be changed. Hence it is important to correct lazy eye as early in life as possible. The visual deficit due to a lazy eye can last forever. Squint on the other hand can be corrected at an older age also if it is not causing any weakness of the visual system. If there is any residual squint, it may be corrected again by surgery. Between squint and lazy eye, lazy eye is more difficult to treat and leaves behind residual problems. Many times full recovery is not possible in cases of a lazy eye if the treatment is started late in life. In the teenage years, the chance of vision recovery in cases of lazy eyes is also very less.

Both the conditions, lazy eye, and squint, need attention but lazy eye needs to be treated more urgently and at an earlier age and given more attention.

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