What to Do About Ptosis

What to Do About Ptosis

Ptosis is a condition in which the upper lid droops down. This could be present from birth or could be seen in the elderly as the levator muscle which lifts the lid becomes weak. Sometimes this could be due to trauma or nerve weakness or paralysis.

This can be a cosmetic problem as the eyes are the most prominent part of the face and occasionally this could be a functional problem as this can interfere with the day to day activities like reading or driving.

The options for correction are many. Most cases do well with surgery. The surgery can be of two types – sling where the lid muscle is very weak or it could be a muscle itself that is operated on and can be tightened. Surgery can give very good results but there can be issues like lid lag on down gaze and incomplete closure of the lids at night.

This surgery can be tricky and more than one surgery is needed. Experience is the key to ensuring success in this surgery. An experienced surgeon can see the problem and offer the best solution. Sometimes for cosmetic reasons excess lid skin is also removed and this can help in a better look.

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