What Is the Best Time to Undergo Cataract Surgery?

What Is the Best Time to Undergo Cataract Surgery?

One may ask when the best time is to undergo cataract surgery. A cataract causes clouding of the intraocular lens and prevents natural light and images from reaching the retina. Previously it was thought that one should undergo cataract surgery when the cataract becomes mature or white in color.

But with newer techniques of cataract surgery and great advancements in technology, one can undergo cataract surgery earlier. The newer techniques of phacoemulsification ensure fast surgery, safe surgery, and rapid recovery without the need for a bandage or stitch. The wound is exceedingly small, and most patients do not face any complications. This is an extremely safe procedure and is of short duration between 10 to 30 minutes in total.

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Hence it is best to undergo cataract surgery when it starts interfering with daily routine activities like reading, watching television, and driving at night. The following symptoms may be present like cloudy vision, old spectacles not clear, dullness of color, glare at night, sharp images appearing blurred, and reduced contrast vision. When these troubles appear, one should undergo cataract surgery as the surgery improves the quality of life. The best person who can guide you and help you take the right decision is your eye surgeon.

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