Amblyopia or ‘lazy eye’ is the most common visual disability in children after refractive errors the reduced vision occurs because of underdeveloped vision in the eye, from early life.

Misalignment of the eyes (squint) and a difference in refractive error (focusing) between the two eyes may cause a child to use one eye less than the other and can cause amblyopia.

Treatment For Lazy Eye

The treatment to improve vision in the lazy eye involves correction of any refractive error (glasses) and frequently involves patching of the better eye.

Glasses if prescribed should be worn constantly. Wearing of glasses can be a problem at first but parents have found co-operation improves with age.

The patch is work on the face. If put on the glasses, the child may peep around the patch to use the good eye instead of the lazy eye.  The amount of patching your child requires depends on their age, vision, and response to treatment. It is important to attend regularly to monitor progress, so we can adapt treatment as necessary.

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