Vision Imbalance After Cataract Surgery

Vision Imbalance After Cataract Surgery

Most people do not get operated on both eyes cataracts on the same day. What may happen is there is a difference of power between the two eyes. Patients may experience a bit of imbalance or vague instability. It is not the preferred practice pattern to operate both eyes on the same day. Many senior and experienced doctors will vouch for this practice pattern. Since some days or even months might elapse between the two eye cataract surgeries, the patient needs to accept this and adjust to this new situation.

One may want to stop using the old glasses for some time. If there is a reading power, one should change the power of the glasses on the operated eye side to new power. Most will find relief by making the power of the unoperated eyes Plano power. Sometimes one needs to slowly adapt to reading and watching TV. Walking and other activities should be started slowly and with caution. Driving should not be done immediately. Start driving after a few days maybe 4-5 days and go slow till one feels comfortable.

Many perceive a blue tinge or excessive brightness in the operated eye more so as they prefer to use goggles or dark glasses. So when they step out in the sun they find it very uncomfortable. Over time patients are instructed to remove the goggles at home so that they can get adapted to the new situation of intraocular lenses after surgery.

In extreme situations, if there is a double vision or any issues which are severely impairing daily activities then one needs to contact one’s eye surgeon to solve the issues. Overall cataract surgery is the safest surgery on the human body. Cataract surgery is a painless and satisfying procedure.

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