Twitching of the Lids – Does It Matter?

Twitching of the Lids – Does It Matter?

It is important to know that in most instances, a twitching eyelid, or eyelid spasm, is totally harmless. You may be watching a movie, typing on the computer or reading a book and one eyelid or the muscles on the lid and sometimes on the face, begins to flutter and move on its own. Here are a few reasons your eyelid may be twitching.

Eyelid Myokymia

This is a common occurrence and the small muscle of the lid can start twitching. While this is felt by the person who has it, it is generally not obvious to anyone else. This is due to the misfiring of neurons. This can be caused by:

  • – Stress
  • – Caffeine
  • – Alcohol
  • – Thirst
  • – Nutrition
  • – Foreign body in the eye
  • – Exhaustion
  • – Dry eyes/allergies

Stress is the commonest cause and alleviating stress by improving lifestyles is the best remedy for this. Most of the times this will improve on its own. It is recommended that one should not be dehydrated and should drink more water.

Hemifacial Spasm

Another rare neurological condition, hemifacial spasms occur on one side of the face with the twitching usually originating in the eyelid. This increase both in severity and frequency over time. Many times there is compression of the facial nerve in the brain by an artery. While surgery has been proposed for this, it is risky and safer options like botulinum toxin are more useful and practical.

Essential Blepharospasm

This rare neurological condition occurs when both eyelids close on their own for brief periods of time. This is more when the individual is stressed out and disappears when the patient is sleeping. It may spread to the entire face and neck. Botulinum toxin injection gives the best relief and surgery is usually not advocated.

Apraxia of lid opening

In this condition, the individual finds it difficult to open the eyelids. There is no tight closure but the failure of the eyelid closing muscles to relax. Botulinum toxin injections give relief in this condition.

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