Tips for Coping with Early Cataracts

Tips for Coping with Early Cataracts

Many people are affected by early cataracts. The cataract may progress very slowly and thus may not interfere with day-to-day activities. These can be observed and there is no need for immediate surgery. Night vision may be affected and there may be starburst patterns visible which could be the first indicators of the development of cataracts.

The following tips may help people where the cataracts are in their early stages. There may be a slight decline in vision, yet this may not affect the routine work of the patients. In some cases, the lens becomes thick, and this causes nearsightedness. In such cases, one should make new glasses or use contact lenses.

One should put lamps in the house and in the reading desk so that there is more illumination. One should advise reading in good light.

Glare can be reduced by placing the light behind rather than in front. The light should fall on the book one is reading.

Use magnifying lens or glasses in case the letters are not visible.

Contrasting colors need to be used to help one see better.

These measures help in delaying cataracts for many years. In addition, consuming anti-oxidants like green tea or berries can help in delaying cataracts.

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