Tips for Contact Lens Users

Tips for Contact Lens Users

Contact lens use can be a bit scary at first but with proper precautions, it is easy and routine. Contact lens gives one freedom from spectacles. Contact lens gives a large field of view which is of great help while playing sports.

We share with you some tips on how to care for your eyes when using contact lenses.

  1. – Always wash and rinse your hands before handling lenses.
  2. – Use oil and fragrance-free soap and dry your hands with a lint-free cloth or tissues.
  3. – Clean your lenses before insertion and after removal only with recommended solutions by your doctor.
  4. – Remember the importance of good blinking. Regular and complete blinking will help you to keep the lens moist and clean.
  5. – Carry your storage case and solution with you all the time if possible.

  1. – Wear protective glasses or goggles if you are in a dusty environment, bike riding, gardening, sanding or grinding.
  2. – If you drop a lens clean and rinse with the solution before reapplying.
  3. – Take care or close your eyes when using cosmetics or aerosol sprays such as hairsprays, while using contact lenses. Such products may leave a residual film on the lens.
  4. – Always keep your spectacles in good condition so that you can use them if you lose or break a lens, or if you are advised not to wear lenses for any period.
  5. – Discontinue wearing lenses if you see any unusual redness, swelling, pain, change in vision or sticky discharge from your eyes, and consult your eye care practitioner.

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