Taking Care of Eyes In the Winter

Taking Care of Eyes In the Winter

Many times, we do not realize that winter brings with it its share of hazards for the eyes. The winter brings with it a lot of dryness. The air is heavy with the presence of a lot of particles in the air. This also increases the pollutants in the air we breathe and the wind that blows into our eyes as we drive or walk. This frequently leads to itchy and watery eyes. The cold wind that blows into the eyes can lead to drying of the eyes and this, in turn, can cause a burning sensation and reflex increase in watering.

Allergies can also occur in some persons in the winter months. The eyes are watery and there is redness along with itching of the eyes. Children tend to rub their eyes a lot. The adults are also frequently uncomfortable, especially after travel.

One must drink a lot of water during the winter months which everyone usually forgets. Protective eyewear is a must to protect from the cold winds and to prevent the pollutants in the air from getting into the eyes. Increasing the humidity is also of great help by using a humidifier. In case of allergy, it is best to use eye drops to get relief from the itching. Lubricants can help restore the tears in the eyes and increase comfort. The dryness, redness and occasionally photophobia can be overcome using lubricant eye drops.

Contact lens users also need to be careful. Soft contact lenses need moisture. If there is a lot of dryness in the air which occurs during the winter months, the contact lenses change shape and stick to the eyes, becoming painful and cloudy. Lubricants should be used frequently over contact lenses.

Wearing sunglasses is also a must. The ultraviolet rays present in the sunlight can harm the eyes. Like the rays can be reflected in the ocean, they can also be reflected in the snow. Cataract formation and diseases like age-related macular degeneration can occur due to exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. High-quality ultraviolet ray-blocking glasses can give protection from these harmful rays and also from the wind and cold.

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