Squint – Timely Intervention

Squint – Timely Intervention

Time is crucial in the management of squint…..

It is important to understand that time is crucial in the management of squint. Time lost is going to cost the patient a lot and maybe include loss of vision. Hence it is important that one consults a pediatric ophthalmologist or squint specialist as soon as possible.

Many a times parents come with the complaint or doubt that the child seems to have a squint especially in the photographs. More often than not, there is no squint or there is a pseudo squint due to the exaggerated folds of the skin near the eyes. But sometimes there is a true squint which is actually present and can be treated.

One must not forget that squint can itself lead to amblyopia or lazy eye. This can be a reason for vision loss or impairment in children. The earlier this is detected the better it is for the patient.

Again the squint detected earlier is more amenable to treat with exercises or glasses and most cases may not need surgery or one can avoid surgery altogether.

Many reasons you will agree to get the eyes checked and to rule out the possibility of a squint….

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