Squint – Achieving Success

Squint – Achieving Success

Squint is definitely not a bad disease. Having operated and treated many patients with squint, I can surely say that it is definitely treatable and one can achieve good results with adequate experience and knowledge of the anatomy of the eye muscles.

There are small nuances for instance the tightness of a muscle, the amount of squint in different gazes, the eye movements which are important. The results are based on these parameters and an accurate assessment of the squint. Using additional tools like manipulation of the glass power, use of agents like botulinum toxin.. all add to the success of squint treatment.

Performing the surgery is a small part of the whole process. Understanding the nature of the squint, the various needs and problems of the patient, in other words the entire evaluation process is the most important part.

Achieving success is definitely possible in all forms of squint.

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