Some Facts About Squint

Some Facts About Squint

1.  Squint is not normal. Any abnormal eye movements or abnormal head position, neck movements or any abnormal position of the eyeballs which are persistent after 6 months of age need to be evaluated by an eye specialist.

2. All cases do not need surgery. Some will be corrected by glasses or eye exercises. If the glasses are of a proper prescription, the child will be able to wear the glasses even if they are very young. Even glasses alone can correct the squint in many children.

3. Sometimes there is no squint and there is an appearance of squint only because of the asymmetry of the face or position of the eyelids or depressed bridge of the nose. After confirming this from an eye specialist parents do not need to evaluate the child further.

4. When squint develops at an early age it can cause serious visual problems with permanent diminution of vision. Lazy eye or amblyopia can develop in the deviating eye. Lazy eye also needs urgent treatment for normal vision recovery.

5. Some serious eye problems like glaucoma, tumors in the eye, a congenital cataract can develop and may not show any signs other than the presence of squint. The child may not complain of reduction of the vision and in these cases, squint may be the only presenting feature. Urgent treatment may be needed in these situations.

6. Rarely brain tumors or brain infections may present as squint. If the diagnosis is missed in these cases, this can lead to serious consequences. Parents suspecting a squint must visit an eye specialist as early as possible to confirm the diagnosis and know the cause of the squint.

All cases of squint do not need surgery. Many can be corrected with glasses or eye exercises.

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