Modern Technique of Cataract Surgery

Modern Technique of Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery was first performed in India by Sushruta in 600 BC. He performed a couching of the lens. Over the years cataract surgery evolved from large incision surgery with sutures to the present-day most modern technique of phacoemulsification.

The technique of phacoemulsification was pioneered by Charles Kelman in 1967. One needs to understand that phacoemulsification is not the laser. This is the use of ultrasonic energy to break the lens into small pieces and then aspirate it out of the eye. The incision made is a microincision about 2 mm or so and through this, the phacoemulsification probe is passed into the eye and the cataractous lens is removed. This multifunctional probe can hold the lens, break it into small pieces, powder it, and then suck it using a vacuum all within the eye. Because of this revolutionary advancement in cataract surgery, the surgery can be performed without injection, without the need for sutures, and with fast recovery. This has improved the accuracy and precision and surgery can be customized according to the needs of the individual. Advances in the artificial intraocular lens have also made this a very fascinating surgery.

Still choosing the best eye surgeon and best eye hospital is essential. The experience of the eye surgeon is a key factor in the outcome. Undoubtedly advanced technology has improved the chances of achieving the best results with long-term benefits.

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