Long Term Damaging Effects of Blue Light in Children

Long Term Damaging Effects of Blue Light in Children

More than 2 hours per day of exposure to smartphones, LED devices, laptops, and tablets lead to damaging effects of blue light. Cumulative exposure to blue light may result in effects on the eye.
The long-term effects include retinal damage, higher prevalence of refractive errors, age-related eye conditions, tics, and reduced visual performance.

The short-term effects include blurred vision, redness, eye strain, and fatigue.
Children are at greater risk for blue light damage as the filtration rate of blue light is less. The younger the child, the more the transmission of blue light to the retina.

The retina in children gets exposed to a shorter wavelength of radiation which can generate more reactive oxygen species. The ocular damage can occur due to an inflammatory response. There could be a photo-oxidation reaction that is often mediated by eye chromophores (rhodopsin, opsin, melanin, or A2E found in lipofuscin granules) that absorb light of visible range and generate reactive oxygen species. Phototoxic damage can occur in the retinal pigment epithelium.

Blue light damage and computer vision syndrome are interlinked in many ways. Hence it is important to limit blue light damage in children. Xanthophylls (lutein and zeaxanthin) reduce oxygen-induced damage due to blue light.

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