Keeping Eyes Safe During Diwali

Keeping Eyes Safe During Diwali

Keeping Eyes Safe During Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and everyone looks forward to the days of Diwali filled with the brightness of candles and lights and sumptuous sweets. Bursting firecrackers is a part of this festival, but serious injuries can happen if one is not cautious. Eyes are especially prone to injuries during Diwali.

Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Safe During Diwali

Keep at least an arm’s distance from the firecrackers, even when one is trying to burn it. Firing from a close range increases the chance of injuries. Children should never be allowed to go close to the firecrackers.

The fumes and particulate dust from the firecrackers can cause harm to the eyes. Firecrackers have various harmful chemicals like barium and dioxins. Eye irritation, redness, and watering are some of the common problems which can occur. Hence wearing protective eyeglasses while bursting crackers should be encouraged. In case of burns or any chemical entering the eyes, wash the eyes thoroughly or seek the advice and help of an eye doctor.

Always wash hands before touching the eyes as hands contain the chemicals and these can, in turn, cause redness and foreign body sensation or severe reactions if these enter the eyes due to rubbing. Even if the eyes feel itchy it is best to wash the eyes rather than rub the eyes. The air is heavy with smoke and smog after Diwali. These contain harmful chemicals and particulate matter and it is best to avoid this smog. These particles can lead to severe irritation of the eyes and allergies can be triggered. It is important to have a safe Diwali to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Wish you a happy and safe Diwali.

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