Is Amblyopia Due to a Lazy Brain?

Is Amblyopia Due to a Lazy Brain?

Amblyopia or lazy eye is an eye that did not develop normal sight during early childhood, and although the structure of the eye is normal, there is reduced vision even with glasses or contact lenses. The brain’s visual system for the lazy eye fails to develop normally and therefore loss of vision occurs.

Enhanced processing of the visual inputs by the brain can improve amblyopia. There is various software available that are clinically and scientifically proven and even approved by the U.S. Food and drug administration which are known to improve amblyopia. During neural training, a series of visual tasks and repetitive images can train the brain and can improve visual processing. One such software is RevitalVision. This software trains the brain to see better by using Gabor patches.

There is no surgery, drugs, or side effects. Thousands of patients have undergone visual improvement with this program. Lazy eye patients have improved by at least 2 lines on the eye chart and have enhancement of their contrast sensitivity by nearly 100% after completing the program. The program consists of half-hourly training sessions at home and the patient must go through about 40 sessions which are customized and monitored by the eye specialist remotely.

The ideal candidates are more than 9 years, where the vision is between 6/9 to 6/36 and the squint is absent or small. The results last for a lifetime. Repetitive brain stimulation leads to improved neural processing of the visual images of the lazy eye and there is an improvement in the vision.

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