Implantable COLLAMER Lens

Implantable COLLAMER Lens

An implantable Collamer lens is a good alternative for patients who cannot undergo LASIK or other refractive procedures. In this, a soft lens is placed over the natural lens to correct the refractive error or spectacle prescription of the eyes.

– This is an easy and safe procedure.
– One can perform this for thin corneas where laser procedure like LASIK is not possible.
– This is the only option for high spectacle numbers where LASIK is not going to correct the refractive error completely
– This is reversible as the lens can be easily removed from the eye.

Disadvantages :
– This is a surgery and hence carries some risks
– There is a risk of development of cataracts if the ICL touches the natural lens
– Glaucoma is also a possibility as there could be a rise in intraocular pressure
– The lens is manufactured using complex calculations and algorithms still there is a risk of small overcorrections or under corrections of the refractive error.

Newer ICLs and more recently the IPCL which is manufactured in India have overcome many of these problems and are safe with very less chance of complications. In our experience, IPCL and ICL are very good and safe options for the correction of refractive error in the young. In older individuals, we have the option of cataract surgery by the technique of phacoemulsification and intraocular lens to correct the refractive error. Discuss the options with your eye surgeon today.

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