Guidelines on Children’s Eye Health

Guidelines on Children’s Eye Health

We discuss here some important tips on children’s eye health:

  • – Children should wear safety goggles when they are playing any sport that has the potential of hurting the eyes like contact sports.

  • – Diet plays an important part in eye health. Green leafy vegetables help in developing sharp eyesight.

  • – Eyes need rest. One must make sure that children get enough sleep at night so that their eyes can rest.


  • – Sunglasses can provide ultraviolet ray protection for the eyes.

  • – An eye examination of the child needs to be done at least once a year. If the child cannot see clearly or has eye-related problems, it is likely the child may need glasses. This means the child should be checked by an eye doctor and proper treatment and care should be undertaken.

  • – Playing with sharp objects can be risky and this means the slightest accident or injury can cause severe and serious damage to the eyes.

  • – Cosmetics are not recommended especially close to the eyes as these are not safe and when these enter the eyeball, they can affect the child’s eyesight.


  • – When there is irritation, the first reflex of the child is to rub the eyes to relieve it. This can only aggravate the problem. Any foreign body present in the eye on severe rubbing can damage the eye.

  • – Digital media and devices have become an integral part of every child’s life. While kids love to watch movies and play games on their mobile, prolonged use can lead to the development of myopia. Hence time on mobile and other digital devices like tablets should be restricted.

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