Eye Care Tips for Rainy Season

Eye Care Tips for Rainy Season

Eyes are delicate and the monsoon brings its share of infections and germs. Bacteria and viruses spread rapidly through the environment, and this leads to mini epidemics. Carelessness in personal hygiene and not being cautious can lead to eye infections. During the monsoons, eye infections are rampant. One needs to take more care during the monsoons.

Protect the eyes by using sunglasses or safety glasses thus preventing the dirty water and the dust from entering the eyes. Protect the eyes during a storm

Clean contact lenses and make sure that dirty water does not enter the eyes. Clean the lens daily. Take care during the removal and insertion of the contact lens.

If there is dryness there is a high risk of infection. One should use lubricants to prevent dryness of the eyes.

One should use separate towels and handkerchiefs to prevent the spread of infection to different family members.

One should eat fruits and vegetables carefully. Washing them is a must to prevent infection. One should also drink adequate water.

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