Don’t Ignore Squint

Don’t Ignore Squint

Why should one take note of squint and get an urgent check up. Let us talk of common and the more serious issues which can be underlying squint.

1. Lazy eye – most of the times lazy eye is present and the vision is less in the eye. Please note that lazy eye is not easy to cure and there are many cases where recovery does not occur…it is indeed tough to cure lazy eye.

2. Neurological problem – many a times there is an underlying neurological disorder which presents for the first time as a squint.

3. Cancer- I have had at least 4 patients where squint was the presenting feature of eye cancer. It is indeed important to examine every case of squint carefully.

4. Systemic diseases – many a times I have children who present with squint but actually there is an underlying metabolic disease.

Let us ensure all cases of squint are seen by a squint specialist or pediatric ophthalmologist…



  • – Baggy upper lids
  • – Bulging fat pockets
  • – Loose sagging skin


WHY AN EYE SURGEON OR OCULOPLASTY specialist should perform this?

There are minute structures close to the eye and with approaches like an internal approach, one needs to have in depth knowledge of the surgery as there are muscles like the inferior oblique and the infraorbital and supraorbital nerves and vessels which have to be safeguarded.

Do Clear Eyes = Beauty?

Eyes are described as the most expressive of our facial features and the “windows to the soul.” But it seems that eyes in particular the sclera or “whites” of the eye — also reveal the status of our physical and emotional health and our desirability as a potential love match.

“Traits such as long, lustrous hair and smooth or scar-free skin are cues of youth and offer the beholder a partial record of health. Now clear eye whites join these traits as a universal standard for the perception of beauty and a cue of health and reproductive fitness.”

Our patients

We at AXIS EYE CLINIC routinely perform blepharoplasty and ptosis surgeries. And this surgery is one of the most successful and rewarding surgeries we perform.


• Is performed via a lid crease incision, it is scar free and very cosmetic
• One can combine a ptosis surgery (elevation of the droopy lids) along with this


• Is performed preferably by a transconjunctival incision, again scar free with quick recovery

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