Do Not Delay Cataract Surgery?

Do Not Delay Cataract Surgery?

Many people have postponed various surgeries and medical treatments to avoid getting infected with the coronavirus. For many months people have postponed cataract surgery as well. Delaying the surgery, the vision gets defective and poor. It is important that one gets all necessary investigations done and plans for surgery.

The reasons for planning surgery are that as the cataract matures and is present for a long time, the risk of complications also increases. Since there are no medicines available to cure cataracts, taking the advice of the eye doctor, and when advised about surgery, getting surgery done immediately is necessary.

Due to COVID-19, there were a lot of doubts about how to go about treating various other diseases in the body. With the new normal and adequate precautions and modifications, surgery has become safe. It is important to remember that if cataract surgery is not done on time, there is a risk of permanent loss of vision. Remember that delaying the surgery will not cure the problem, on the other hand, if there are any questions and doubts it is best to ask the eye surgeon and clear the doubts.

If there are no signs of COVID-19, patients can go ahead with the surgery. If the cataract is advanced and there is a risk of development of glaucoma, one should not delay the surgery. All the instruments, the operation theater, and the environment are all sterilized, hence patients need not worry. The stay in the hospital is for a short duration. One should not delay cataract surgery and should get it done when needed. Let us not forget that the eyes are the most important of our five senses.

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