Do Cataracts Need to Be Ripe Before Surgery Is Performed?

Do Cataracts Need to Be Ripe Before Surgery Is Performed?

Our site depends on a clear natural lens that is transparent. A cataract occurs when there is a clouding of the lens and the proteins in the lens are disturbed. When the protein gets degraded, the lens can become stiffer and sometimes as hard as a rock. A few decades ago people used to wait for the cataracts to ripen. This was because the cataractous lens was removed through a large cut in the eyeball.

Nowadays the technique used for cataract surgery is phacoemulsification where the cataract is removed through a tiny pinpoint incision and there is no large cut. The lens is broken down into small pieces and removed through a tiny incision in the eye by suction. It is difficult to remove a hard lens from the eye by suction. The cataract surgery is no longer based on the hardness of the lens. Cataract surgery depends on the patient and how much the cataract is reducing the vision and interfering with daily activities.

Phacoemulsification has a lot of advantages, the recovery is fast, stitches are not needed, the lens can be placed in the natural lens bag and the eye heals quickly. Cataract surgery is a very safe surgery and in about 98% of the cases the vision improves.

Hence one should not wait for cataracts to become ripe or harden or mature. The surgery is best performed earlier and when the person has an impairment of vision.

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