Colored Soft Contact Lenses for Cosmetic Improvement

Colored Soft Contact Lenses for Cosmetic Improvement

Most of us have heard of colored contact lenses being used for changing the color of the eyes for occasions like parties and marriage functions. The actual color of the iris is masked and a new color is perceived. There is one more group of patients who can benefit from the use of these colored prosthetic contact lenses. When patients have an ocular disfigurement due to various diseases or have a scar or opacity of the cornea, a prosthetic lens can be a good option for cosmesis. These lenses have dense pigments and can mask the underlying issue. These lenses are available in a range of colors and parameters and have different iris and pupil diameters. Some of them are dark pupil or clear pupil types.

When there is the presence of micro cornea, ocular albinism, opacity on the cornea, iris damage, and iris colobomas prosthetic lens is a good option. When there is iris irregularity there is glare and photophobia. The contact lens can provide iris occlusion and symptoms are reduced due to a smaller pupil.

Patients are quite self-conscious when they have such an appearance. Vision is not much in these eyes hence cosmetic improvement is the primary goal. Any cosmetic improvement is appreciated by such patients. We at Axis Eye Clinic specialize in ocular prostheses and aim at giving the best cosmetic result to our patients. We make custom ocular prostheses and also use prosthetic contact lenses to help our patients.

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Dr. Ramesh Murthy at AXIS EYE CLINIC has nearly 20 years of experience and has trained at the best eye institutes in India and abroad. His vast experience helps him in tackling the most complex cases with ease. He has a pleasant demeanor and is frank and honest in revealing to the patients beforehand what to expect and what the result will be. He is positive, friendly, and always has a determination to do the best for the patient.

Dr. Ramesh Murthy is a renowned eye surgeon and one of the best cataract surgeons in Pune, well-known for his excellent results. He is considered among the best eye specialists in Pune. He is also among the best oculoplasty and best squint surgeons in the city of Pune. He is available at Axis Eye Clinic, Pune which is among the best eye clinics in Pune. The staff at Axis Eye Clinic are well versed with Mediclaim and insurance procedures and are always there to help you.

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