Color Contact Lenses – Choose Correctly

Color Contact Lenses – Choose Correctly

Colored contact lenses give us the freedom to change our eye color. We can go for a subtle look or for more attractive colors depending on the occasion. Most contact lenses are colored based on the color of the natural iris. They can be prescription contact lenses which can correct myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism or they can be Plano contact lenses which are worn purely for cosmetic purposes to change the eye color. The colored contact lenses have a series of dots or lines on them which give them a unique appearance at the same time they appear natural.

The contact lens should be chosen based on skin color and hair color. Of course, it depends on the look one wants either natural-looking or dramatic. If there is a need to transform into a vampire or alien or any other theatrical character, one can use the costume contact lenses also. The cost of colored contact lenses is more than regular contacts. For many wearers, the ability to change their eye color is worth it. A variety of tints are available including blue, amethyst, green, brown, gray, and hazel which is the commonest color.

For dark eyes, opaque tints are a good choice. For a natural-looking change, one can try light honey brown or hazel lenses. If the skin is dark in color, bright-colored lenses will give a stark contrast.

For light-colored eyes, a contact lens that defines the edge of the iris and enhances the natural color can be used. For an eye-catching look, one can go for light brown lenses so that everyone notices immediately.

And if you want to experiment with a different eye color while still looking natural, you might choose contact lenses in gray or green, for example, if your natural eye color is blue.

Color contact lenses come with different kinds of tints. There can be a visibility tint which is usually light blue or green tint so that one can see the contact lens better during insertion and removal. These are faint and do not change the natural eye color. Enhancement tints can be used to enhance the natural color of the eyes. These are best for light-colored eyes and make the eyes more vibrant. When one wants to change the eye color one can opt for opaque tints. Custom tints can also be created especially when one wants to mask a congenital eye problem or one can opt for lenses with center black especially when there is corneal opacity. Custom contact lenses are also popular among professional athletes. These sport tint lenses can reduce glare, enhance contrast and increase depth perception.

There is even a type of contact lens that has a photochromic tint that adjusts automatically to different lighting conditions. Photochromic contact lenses, however, are designed to reduce the brightness of sunlight entering your eyes in bright conditions — they are not designed to change your eye color.

When the lens does not fit properly or slides over the cornea there can be an appearance of the underlying cornea and this may look odd. Pupil size changes depending on the ambient light and this can affect the vision adversely at different light situations.

Color contact lenses are safe provided the lenses are fit after proper examination and are properly prescribed. One should never share contact lenses. The lenses need to be placed in proper cleaning solutions. One should not wear contact lenses if there is soreness in the eyes.

An eye care professional can guide you and help you find the most appropriate colored contact lenses.

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