Choosing the Right Intraocular Lens

Choosing the Right Intraocular Lens

Choosing the Right Intraocular Lens

Monofocal lens
With this lens, one can see clearly but for a specific distance either near or distant. So if one wants to get rid of glasses for distance, then one needs to wear glasses for near and vice versa. When we choose a lens for the individual, we consider three distances, long, middle, and near. Long distance is useful if one wants a clear vision of distance, for instance, one likes to watch a lot of television or the profession is driving. Intermediate distance is considered the distance at which one views a computer screen as there are many who must work long hours on the computer. This also leads to a reduction in headaches. If one reads a lot, then one can consider near vision correction in the intraocular lens. But this can be a little disturbing if done for both eyes.


In this one eye has a lens implanted for clear distance vision and one eye for clear near vision. This avoids the multifocal lens which has a differing focus.

Multifocal lens

A multifocal lens helps to see at varying distances especially if one has to look at the computer screen, make noted, and then look at a presentation in the room at a distance. This is useful if one does not want to wear glasses to see at varying distances.

Toric lens

Astigmatism can lead to blurred vision. The toric lens helps one to get rid of astigmatism and is beneficial.

Choosing the right cataract lenses

If one is unsure of which lens to choose, one should keep a note of all the activities one does during the day and the number of times one must change glasses. This will help in knowing which activities are problematic and will provide useful information to guide the decision regarding the choice of intraocular lenses during cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery is an advanced surgery, quick and painless with immediate improvement of vision. The surgery is a life-changing experience.

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