Cataract Surgery Increases One’s Life Span

Cataract Surgery Increases One’s Life Span

A lot of evidence exists that points towards increased life span with the performance of cataract surgery. While there is hardcore evidence for this in the form of a study, which mentions a 60% lower risk of death after cataract surgery, there are a lot of mundane reasons for this increase in the life span after cataract surgery. This is because of one single factor that the vision improves after cataract surgery and this leads to a great improvement in the quality of life of the patient.

Vision is needed for basic simple activities like exercising, going out, taking medications, visiting the doctor, and simply put being active. When the vision is disturbed it is difficult to follow healthy habits. Cataract surgery helps the patient to get rid of blurred vision, improves color visualization, improves contrast, and especially helps while driving at night. There is more instance of heart attacks, acidity issues, and lung disease in women who do not have their cataracts removed. A person who has had cataract surgery can see better and hence is likely to be more active, exercise, less likely to have falls or fractures, less likely to mix up medicines, more likely to go to the doctor for check-ups, and can drive safely. The overall quality of life also improves.

If you have any symptoms of cataracts like glare especially at night while driving, or blurred vision, contact us today for more information.

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