Blurry Vision After Cataract Surgery

Blurry Vision After Cataract Surgery

Sometimes vision may reduce after cataract surgery. After a few months or years, patients may note that their vision has reduced. The reason for this is posterior capsular opacification.

Posterior capsular opacification can occur after cataract surgery and is common.

How does this happen?

Once the cataractous lens is removed by cataract surgery, the entire cataract cannot come back. During cataract surgery, the intraocular lens is placed on the remaining capsular bag. With time, the epithelial cells of the lens capsule grow on the capsule and make it thicker and less transparent. This makes the vision cloudy. Posterior capsular opacification can develop in some people after months or years after previous cataract surgery. This is also called an after-cataract. This can obstruct vision.

How is it treated?

The treatment is very simple. Using a YAG laser an opening is made in the capsule. This takes a few seconds and is an outpatient procedure and the patient can go home immediately. Vision starts clearing very soon. Drops need to be instilled after the procedure.

Posterior capsular opacification is quite common after cataract surgery. One can prevent this by going for hydrophobic lenses during cataract surgery.

At-risk are younger patients – in fact in children who undergo cataract surgery it is universal. Patients with previous eye inflammation and retinitis pigmentosa are also at increased risk. Patients who do not have any risk factors may also develop posterior capsular opacification.

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