When a child gets a minus number or becomes myopic, it is a persistent problem and over time as the child grows, the myopia is likely to increase. Hence it is important to slow down the progression of myopia.

As the vision is blurred, the child needs to wear glasses or contact lenses. The contact lens has been used as a means of controlling myopia, however, the child may not be able to manage contact lens wearing and removal and again there are safety issues with the use of contact lenses. The design of the contact lens needs to be suitable for the child.

Atropine works by slowing down the eye growth, as longer the eye, the more the minus number. Slowing the axial growth of the eye is important to control the progression of myopia.

Side effects of atropine drops for the eyes include light sensitivity as the pupils are dilated and difficulty in reading near as the focusing mechanism of the eye gets affected. This can be managed by using photochromatic lenses which become dark in bright light and using plus additions or bifocal lenses for reading.

A concentration of 0.01 % of atropine does not have these side effects and is well tolerated by most children. Some children may complain of a stinging sensation. The atropine drops are instilled in both eyes at night – the reason being as the child sleeps at night the problems of light sensitivity and blurred vision for near will not be noticed by the child. One can use atropine for a long time under supervision. Controlling the myopia is of paramount importance to prevent the pathological changes noted with exceedingly high numbers and keeping the number in a limit where one can consider laser procedures to get rid of the high minus number as the child grows older.

Atropine is an effective method of preventing the rapid progression of myopia and current formulations are highly effective.

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