Artificial Eyes in Children

Artificial Eyes in Children

It is indeed sad to see a child whose natural eye has been lost due to various reasons, trauma, or tumor and who needs to use an artificial eye. Sometimes there are congenital causes that need the fitment of an artificial eye in children. The main reason is for cosmetic rehabilitation to build the self-confidence of the child. Social interactions can be difficult for these children.

When we fit the prosthesis, we may need general anesthesia to get the impression of the socket as the child may be afraid to cooperate. Proper counseling may help in getting the child to cooperate and one may avoid general anesthesia. Gaining the child’s confidence is of paramount importance.

It is important to have a prosthesis as this stimulates the bony orbit to grow and does not lead to any bony socket contracture, which becomes difficult to correct as the child grows older. Fitting a prosthesis is not purely for cosmetic reasons there is a more important reason for the stimulation of bony growth.

The child should be reviewed more frequently than an adult as there are changes in the socket as the child grows and adjustments may be needed for enhancement of the prosthesis. Enhancement of the size of the prosthesis needs to be done to ensure the appropriate growth of the socket to match the normal eye in appearance.

Maintaining hygiene and cleaning the prosthesis is also essential. This needs more parental involvement. Regular polishing will ensure there are no deposits on the artificial eye and ensure minimal allergy, discharge, and more comfort for the child.

Fitting the child with an artificial eye boosts the confidence of the child. Constant encouragement and support are essential to prevent the child from developing any inferiority complex.

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