Allergic Eye Disease

Allergic Eye Disease

Allergy is a common problem in children and can be seen in the summer months and sometimes in the October heat in many children. In some, of course, it can be present all through the year. This may or may not be associated with asthma and skin rashes (atopic dermatitis). The child presents with itching and redness of the eyes and vigorously rubs the eyes. Occasionally there is watering, burning, and inability to open eyes in bright light.


There is no specific treatment, the condition can be controlled by topical steroids and antihistamines. The lowest concentration of steroids for the least amount of time is used. Cold compresses and oral antihistamines can also be used. This response is well but may not be completely cured and can come back again. While this does not cause any vision-threatening problems, it can render the cornea thin leading to keratoconus. Indiscriminate use of steroids can lead to ulceration which can have vision-threatening consequences.

One needs to know that steroid drops cannot be used on a long-term basis as they can lead to an increase in intraocular pressure leading to glaucoma or cataract or corneal ulceration making the eye prone to infection.

It is important to consult the eye doctor on a regular basis and not use steroid drops without supervision as this can be harmful for the eyes.

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