Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic Conjunctivitis

  • – Abnormal response of sensitive eyes to contact with irritating substances
  • – Can occur with allergic rhinitis
  • – Reduce the quality of life
  • – Usually, a temporary condition associated with seasonal allergies.

Cause of allergic conjunctivitis:

  • 1. Smoke
  • 2. Mould
  • 3. Pollen from grass, trees, and ragweed
  • 4. Pet dander
  • 5. House dust mites



  1. – Itching
  2. – Burning
  3. – Redness
  4. – Tearing
  5. – Swelling
  6. – Sensitivity to light

How to avoid:

1. Avoid using fans

2. Keep air conditioning units clean

3. Wear sunglasses or glasses when outdoors

4. Avoid outdoors when windy

5. If allergic to pets

    1. – Keep them outside
    2. – Wash hands after touching pets
    3. – Do not allow pets in the bedroom
    4. – Wash clothing
    5. – Avoid carpets

6. If allergic to molds

  1. – Keep humidity levels in your home to about 30-50%
  2. – Clean highly humid areas like basements, bathrooms
  3. – Use de-humidifier

6. If allergic to dust mites

    1. – Keep dust away from your skin
    2. – Use allergen-reducing covers for your bedding
    3. – Wash your bedding frequently
    4. – Wash bedding with hot water
    5. – Clean floors with a damp mop

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