When Should You Get a Child’s Eye Test Done?

When Should You Get a Child’s Eye Test Done?

When a baby is born, the eyes are not fully developed. Most of the development of the eyes will occur in the first 7 years of life. It is important to recognize and rectify all eye problems as soon as possible. But one needs to know that there is an eye problem. Children fail to express their problems and the issue may go undetected. It is suggested by the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus that all children should undergo a complete eye examination by the age of three years.

Parents can detect problems in the eyes of children and they need to look for some warning signs.

  • – Rubbing eyes, a lot indicates allergy. But children can rub their eyes when they are sleepy or tired, which is normal
  • – Watering of the eyes
  • – Clumsy kids with poor hand-eye coordination
  • – Turning the eyes in or out especially when tired
  • – Holding books very close to the face or watching TV from a close distance
  • – Squeezing the eyes while watching TV
  • – Child adopts a head turn or tilt while watching TV
  • – Avoiding reading, writing, or drawing
  • – Have behavior problems at school with poor performance at school
  • – Complain of blurred or double vision
  • – Unexplained headaches


A full eye examination should be performed if

  • – Parents wear glasses
  • – Family history of lazy eye or squint
  • – Children with special needs

It is important to detect the problem early as this will enable one to treat the problem early. As eyes attain maturity by the age of 7 years, it is important to start correcting eye problems in children as early as possible for good outcomes. Age does not matter when examining a child and every child’s eye can be examined irrespective of the age of the child.

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