What To Expect After Squint Surgery?

What To Expect After Squint Surgery?

After surgery, a pad may be put over the treated eye. This is usually removed the next day or sometimes before the patient goes home. The eye may be sore for a few days. Usually, oral antibiotics and painkillers are advised to reduce the pain or discomfort and eye drops need to be instilled for faster healing.

Some effects that may be felt after surgery are mild eye pain for a couple of days which feels like sand in the eye and oral painkillers can help. Red eyes can be present for a few months and go away slowly. The eyes feel itchy because of the stitches in the eyes and this may be present for a few days till the stitches dissolve. One must try not to rub the eyes. Follow-up visits for checking the eyes are a must after surgery. If there are any issues it is best to inform the doctor as soon as possible.

after squint surgery

When can one return to normal activities?

Generally, one can return to normal activities quite soon after the surgery. The doctor is the best person to advise about the return to normal activities. It may take a few weeks to fully recover from the surgery and until then drops need to be instilled in the eyes.

  • – One can get back to work or school in about a week to ten days
  • – One can watch TV and perform daily activities even from the next day
  • – Driving should not be performed until the double vision if present has completely gone
  • – Head bath should not be taken, and care should be taken to prevent soap or shampoo from entering the eyes
  • – Swimming should be avoided for at least a month and most sports for at least 2-4 weeks
  • – Makeup should not be used near the eyes for at least four weeks
  • – Children should not play in the mud or sand for at least 2 weeks
  • – Glasses if present before surgery need to be continued but contact lenses should be avoided for at least 2 weeks


It is best to seek the advice of the doctor in case of any doubts.

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