Understanding Cataract Surgery

Understanding Cataract Surgery

First, it is important to understand what is cataract. The natural lens in the eye allows light to enter the eye so that one can see. With age or due to reasons like taking steroids or if there is trauma the proteins in the lens break down, causing it to become cloudy over time. This makes the vision blurred or hazy. Cataracts can form and they can progress at different rates making the vision blurred and this is when we can think about the removal of the cataract.

Many will experience glares and halos at night or some blurred vision. When there are functional limitations in daily activities one needs to seriously think about surgery. An implant is placed in the eye to replace this cataractous lens which is removed.

Choosing the implant is also an important aspect of cataract surgery. Some implants are useful for distance vision, some for near vision and some are for treating astigmatism. Are you happy wearing glasses for a near is an important question that needs to be answered. Or are you keen on spectacle independence? How much night-time driving do you do?  Are you comfortable with halos at night around lights?

A good discussion on the right kind of lens is needed before contemplating cataract surgery. The eye doctor can really help you in making the correct decision.

Dr. Ramesh Murthy at AXIS EYE CLINIC has nearly 20 years of experience and has trained at the best eye institutes in India and abroad. His vast experience helps him in tackling the most complex cases with ease. He has a pleasant demeanor and is frank and honest in revealing to the patients beforehand what to expect and what the result will be. He is positive, friendly, and always has a determination to do the best for the patient.

Dr. Ramesh Murthy is a renowned eye surgeon and one of the best cataract surgeons in Pune, well-known for his excellent results. He is considered among the best eye specialists in Pune. He is also among the best oculoplasty and best squint surgeons in the city of Pune. He is available at Axis Eye Clinic, Pune which is among the best eye clinics in Pune. The staff at Axis Eye Clinic are well versed with Mediclaim and insurance procedures and are always there to help you. Axis Eye Clinic is empaneled for cashless eye surgery with all insurance companies and also has facilities for Bajaj Finance and HDFC Finance.

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