Taking Care of Your Eyes During Summer

Taking Care of Your Eyes During Summer

Summer is the time of vacations, but it can also bring about some problems for the eyes. To keep the eyes healthy, it is important to be aware of eye problems and take appropriate precautions.

Allergies of the eyes are at their peak during summer. The plant-related allergies and dust can also give rise to itching, redness, watering, and swelling of the eyes. The pollen grains are also released during this season. To prevent this one must wear sunglasses and wash the eyes with cold water after coming back from outside.

The dryness of the eyes also increases during summer. But this is more because of the increased use of air conditioners and fans during this season. This leads to a burning sensation and a foreign body sensation in the eyes. Drinking water and keeping one hydrated is important. Also one can use lubricating drops to ensure that the eye strain due to dryness is reduced. Due to dryness, there are tired eyes and this can be controlled by the use of lubricating drops.

During summer, there is an increased risk of infections as one may indulge in swimming or camping where one may be exposed to germs. Wearing protective goggles helps in preventing infections.

Taking Care of Your Eyes During Summer

The ultraviolet light which comes from the sun can also damage the eyes. It is important to wear UV protective glasses which prevent damage to the retina and the macula which is the seeing portion of the eyes. For the protection of the eyelid skin, one can use sunscreen with caution around the eyes with an SPF of 30 or higher.

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