Symfony Lenses

Symfony Lenses

Enhancing visual outcomes with advanced intraocular lenses (IOLs) in cataract surgery

While there is nothing wrong with a mono-focal lens, this lens can deliver good vision only for one focal point either near, distant, or intermediate. This lens is fully covered by insurance companies for use in cataract surgery. This is best if budget is a concern or the patient does not mind wearing glasses after cataract surgery.

Premium lenses can correct astigmatism, can provide multiple focal points and provide an extended range of vision. If the cornea is not completely round as occurs in astigmatism, the rays of light do not come to a point focus and the image is distorted. A toric IOL can get rid of this astigmatism. When the patient does not wish to use glasses for reading one can suggest multifocal IOLs which have multiple visual focal points. Vision is clear for both near and distant, but these are set points. The most advanced group of IOLs is the extended range of vision IOLs which can deliver the vision across a focal range and not just set points. In addition, these lenses can adjust for minor residual errors of refraction. They also have less glare and haloes that may be present with multifocal IOLs.

Symfony Lenses

The Tecnis Symfony is an extended range of vision IOL which provides excellent visual results. The advantages of this IOL are a sharper vision, smooth transition between near, intermediate, and distance vision, and less incidence of lights and halos following surgery when compared to multifocal lenses. This is one lens that has satisfied numerous patients. The lens can correct any existing astigmatism also and comes in a toric form also. This lens has provided the greatest satisfaction and met the expectations of many patients.

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