Squint or strabismus is also called a cross-eyed appearance. In this condition, the eyes are not straight, and one or more eyes may turn inward, outward, upward, or downward. The presence of squint indicates that there is an eye problem. Up to 3 % of children may have some form of squint. The main problem with a squint is that this may lead to lazy eye or amblyopia. The simple reason is the squinting eye is not used much, the brain suppresses it and hence it becomes the weaker eye.

Pseudo squint or pseudo strabismus is a condition in which the eyes of the child appear like they are not focusing on the same object but actually, they are – in other words, it is a false appearance of a squint which is actually not present. Why does this happen? Many children have an extra fold of skin near the inner corner of the eye and this gives an appearance of inward deviation of the eyes. The bridge of the nose is also not developed, and this makes the appearance of squint is more marked. Over time as the child grows this appearance goes away. This may also happen in adults because of the outward positioning of the eyes.

Treatment is essential for squint. The methods of treatment include glasses, vision therapy, prisms, and surgery. Any child who seems to have a squint after the age of 3 months needs to be examined. This is because normally the eyes become aligned by the age of 3 months. Squint needs to be treated as early as possible for this it needs to be recognized early. One should realize that squint does not go away.

Squint treatment and surgery are one of the most successful treatments for the human body. Hence one should not ignore squint of any form in any person.

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