Spring Eye Allergy

Spring Eye Allergy

Spring is the time when flowers bloom and it is a beautiful transformation of nature. However, many tend to get affected by allergies to the nose and eyes during this season.

While dust and other reasons are present throughout the year, the prime reason why spring brings in more allergies is that many of the grasses and plants pollinate in this season. This pollen affects those who have a sensitive immune system and leads to allergies. The air had lots of floating particles that get trapped in the airways and eyes and these cause irritation.

The eyes react by becoming red, itchy, swollen, and watery and one feels like rubbing the eyes vigorously. If one wears contact lenses these can also trap the particles and increase the symptoms.

Prevention is difficult as the air is full of these allergens. Glasses may help to a small extent. One needs to wash the face, eyes, and hands and avoid hand-to-eye contact. Contact lenses are best avoided. Various anti-allergic drops are available, and these can provide relief. Wearing masks to avoid allergens getting into the respiratory system is a good option. Starting prophylactic drops is a good idea when the symptoms are just beginning. Depending on the severity medicines are prescribed. Do see your eye doctor if symptoms are not getting relieved or contact us at Axis Eye Clinic today.

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