Protect Your Eyes During This Summer

Protect Your Eyes During This Summer

We suggest many ways to protect your eyes during this summer.

  • – Wear sunglasses with total ultraviolet protection. Like the skin, the eyes also need to be protected from the ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet rays from the sun get reflected off the water and sand and can affect the eyes. The glasses must protect against both the ultraviolet A and the B rays. Excess exposure to ultraviolet light can cause photokeratitis or snow blindness in the short term, but prolonged exposure can lead to cataracts, pterygium formation or skin tumors of the eyelids.

  • – Wear caps or hats in the sun. The goggles can allow ultraviolet rays to fall on the lids because of gaps in the sides. Exposure to ultraviolet light can lead to lid tumors. It is best to wear a cap or hat to offer complete protection to the face and the eyes. It is best to wear both the goggles and the hat.

  • – Even children should wear eye protection. Children are more likely to be outdoors playing in the hot sun and they are also exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. While the cornea and lens in the eyes are effective in filtering some of these rays, they are not a complete barrier. It is best to start young by wearing sunglasses with ultraviolet protection when outdoors.
  • – Use Goggles at the Pool. During the summer months, you are more likely to spend time in the water in the pool. Chlorine in the water can harm the surface of the eyes hence it is best to wear goggles while swimming.

  • – Wash your hands regularly and avoids rubbing your eyes. The incidence of eye infections increases during the summer months and the best way to protect from the spread of these communicable eye diseases is to wash your hands regularly. Always wash your hands after putting in eye drops or ointment to avoid spreading the disease to others.
  • – Use drops and consult an eye doctor. If the eyes are excessively burning or feel dry or are itchy consult an eye doctor who will prescribe you simple drops to get rid of these issues. It is also a good practice to wash the face and eyes after any outdoor work.

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