My Patient of Cataract Surgery

My Patient of Cataract Surgery

As a surgeon who has been performing cataract surgery for more than 20 years, I am always amazed at the huge advances in technology around cataract surgery – the techniques, equipment, and technology. While this is important, more important is how the patient is doing after cataract surgery – can they see well? do they have pain or any discomfort? and if they found the surgery comfortable.

I operate with no injection technique which is comforting to all the patients. We put drops that numb the eye and operate. Due to the newer techniques of phacoemulsification through a small incision, the recovery is very fast. I do not patch the eye after cataract surgery, and we put antibiotic drops in the eye right at the end of surgery. I start dropping right away. The patient can perform normal activities on the same day of surgery but with no excess work or straining. There is no suture or stitch and the incision that I make is also tiny and hence recovery is quick.

For me, the most important aspect is can the patient see well and are they comfortable with my surgical technique. I respect and have lots of empathy for my patients who need to get relief from their eye issues. I want to do the best for my patient. I want to use the best technology at the most affordable rates to make the patient see better.

I am very happy when the patient asks me one question after the surgery is over. When can we operate the other eye?

Patients appreciate the beauty and the vibrant colors of everything including flowers …

Dr. Ramesh Murthy at AXIS EYE CLINIC has more than 20 years of experience and has trained at the best eye institutes in India and abroad. His vast experience helps him in tackling the most complex cases with ease. He has a pleasant demeanour and is frank and honest in revealing to the patients beforehand what to expect and what the result will be. He is positive, friendly, and always has a determination to do the best for the patient.

Dr. Ramesh Murthy is a renowned eye surgeon and one of the best cataract surgeons in Pune, well-known for his excellent results. He is considered among the best eye specialists in Pune. He is also among the best oculoplasty and best squint surgeons in the city of Pune. He is available at Axis Eye Clinic, Pune which is among the best eye clinics in Pune. The staff at Axis Eye Clinic are well versed with Mediclaim and insurance procedures.

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