Lid Tumors

Lid Tumors

Know About Eye Lid Tumors

Symptoms of eyelid tumors

New growth or increase in growth of an existing lid tumor is a sign of possible malignancy. While the benign (non-cancerous) growths are quiet and hardly create any symptoms, the malignant (cancerous) growths can have bleeding, ulceration, loss of lashes, and a notch on the eyelid. It is interesting that most of them do not cause any pain.

Who is prone to develop eyelid cancers?

Immunosuppressed individuals are at risk. Those who have diseases like AIDS or patients who have undergone organ or stem cell transplants are immunosuppressed and are at greater risk. People with fair skin and blonde hair are also more at risk to develop eyelid cancers.

How to protect yourself from eyelid cancers?

Keep the immune system strong. Don’t smoke, reduce stress and protect yourself from intense sunlight by wearing a hat or using sun protection creams.

What is the treatment for eyelid tumors?

The best treatment option is surgical removal of the tumor preferably with clear margins all around followed by reconstruction. Of course, there are adjunctive treatments that can be given like chemotherapy and radiotherapy depending on the type of tumor. An oculoplastic surgeon understands the lid anatomy the best and can reconstruct the lids very well.

When is the best time to get treatment?

One should not wait and the earlier the treatment or surgery is initiated, the smaller the are involved, the easier the reconstruction, and less the loss of function.

Is there a chance of recurrence?

Recurrence occurs in some cases. It can be because the tumor has not been completely removed or due to spread to adjacent tissues. Hence it is important to go in for early surgery. It is also best to take treatment from an oculoplastic surgeon who is experienced in eyelid cancer treatment.

What could be the after-effects of surgery?

Dryness due to incomplete closure, or mild droop due to weakness of the lid muscles can be an issue. This can be treated with medications.

What are the recent advances in the treatment of eyelid tumors?

The advent of new drugs especially for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma is an interesting development. In addition, surgical techniques have become more refined, and lid reconstruction is more precise.

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