Know More About Ptosis

Know More About Ptosis

Ptosis is pronounced as ‘toe-sys’. This refers to a droopy upper eyelid. The eyelid is moved up and down by a thin papery muscle called the levator muscle which is attached to the lid by a tendon called the aponeurosis.

the most common cause of ptosis is the weakening and disinsertion of the levator muscle in the elderly. The migration of the lid crease to a higher location compared to the normal side indicates the presence of ptosis. Eyelid allergy and frequent lid rubbing can also cause ptosis. Long-term contact lens wear can also lead to ptosis due to excessive stretching of the levator muscle. Ptosis can occur due to injury to the third nerve complex which can disrupt the functioning of the levator muscle which is supplied by the third nerve. Ptosis can occur due to lid injury or eye surgery. Congenital ptosis occurs due to poorly developed levator muscle.

Effects of ptosis:-
the upper lid droop can lead to difficulty in reading, seeing, and discomfort. In addition, this can be a noticeable cosmetic deformity. The brow elevation to open the eyes leads to severe eye strain and tiredness due to the effort.

Treatment of ptosis:-
if the ptosis is present in a child, there is a risk of lazy eye and this needs to be treated as soon as possible. In an older individual, the treatment is based on the needs and expectations of the patient. Surgery is very successful but depends on the underlying condition. More than one surgery may be needed for the correction of ptosis. Various techniques are available for the management of ptosis. Mastery of the surgeries is a must in order to give good results to the patient. The pros and cons of the surgery need to be understood by the patients before undergoing surgery.

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