How to Succeed with Patching Treatment

How to Succeed with Patching Treatment


It is important to encourage and persevere with both the glasses and the patch.

Patching treatment is easier in the younger child and when it becomes a routine, i.e. the same time every day. Also, patching is more easily tolerated in the morning, e.g. during breakfast, at a nursery. Use everyday opportunities to patch the eye especially when the child is occupied – coloring, watching TV or videos, computer games, reading, writing, homework, eating, playing with their toys. Vary the activity.

Involving others can help with the patching treatment; older brother or sisters can wear sunglasses or a patch for a few minutes. Put a patch on your child’s favorite teddy bear or doll. A child will wear the patch better for other people, e.g. grandmother or teacher.

The stickers and transfers provided in the boxes of patches are popular rewards. You could create your own star chart as shown to encourage your child to wear the patch. It would be helpful if your record the number of hours the patch has been worn, in order to monitor your child’s progress.

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