How to Manage When You Have Early Cataract?

How to Manage When You Have Early Cataract?

When your eye doctor says you have cataracts, you may get a bit worried. But one should not be alarmed. A cataract is an age-related change in the eyes that is bound to happen as one gets older. One may be able to prolong or delay cataract surgery in the initial stages but when it interferes with daily activities, one must go ahead with cataract surgery.

In the early stages, one might notice a slight reduction in vision, but it may not be affecting daily activities. In some cases, the lens simply becomes thick and causes nearsightedness, instead of becoming opaque. This is called ‘second sight of the aged’. Some mistake this as a good sign, but the fact that one can see near objects better means the cataract is progressing.

In the early stages, one can ask the doctor for
  • new glasses or contact lens prescriptions. New glasses will help one to see better.
  • Increasing the brightness of the room or using lamps when reading can help one to see better.
  • The light should be directed at the object of interest or at the book that one is reading.
  • For reading one can use magnifying lens
Contrast in colors can also help one to see better.

But if you do a lot of near work, such as a jeweler, architect, or dentist you may need earlier surgery. Some may delay cataract surgery for years which may not be a good idea. When the cataract becomes very hard, or mature, the lens bag weakens, and surgery may not be successful. Hence one must not delay cataract surgery if needed.

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