How Can Squint Surgery Be Made Successful?

How Can Squint Surgery Be Made Successful?

It is interesting to note that there is more to planning for squint surgery than the actual surgical operation. How can one ensure that squint surgery is successful? Well, it starts right from the examination of the eyes, evaluation of the squint and then performing the surgery well.

valuation is performed by different orthoptic tests including assessment of the amount of squint and the nature of the squint, the vision of each eye, the presence of any refractive error, tests for binocular vision including depth perception and fundus examination including fixation pattern. Based on this evaluation the decision is made about which muscles to operate and how much, whether one eye needs to be operated or both eyes.

Once the decision is made, surgery is relatively simple in experienced hands. The surgeon will be able to predict the outcome after surgery and mention the need for any second surgery. Any possible transient complications are also highlighted and means to overcome the same are taught to the patient. During surgery various methods are used to ensure success, titration of the dosage of surgery is of key importance. To ensure long-term success, small over or under-corrections are also made. Beyond the squint, one needs to know that squint surgery itself can lead to changes in lid height and this needs to be kept in mind. Ensuring a successful outcome is not difficult if one undergoes a thorough examination and proper planning of the squint surgery is done.

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