How Can One Differentiate Between Cataract and Glaucoma?

How Can One Differentiate Between Cataract and Glaucoma?

Cataracts and glaucoma are the commonest cause of vision loss. Both these can be age-related and are more common in the elderly age group.

Cataract refers to the changes in our natural lens as we get older. The lens becomes opaque and discolored and there is a gradual loss of eyesight. This leads to vision loss

Glaucoma occurs due to damage to the optic nerve and this is gradual and most of the time increased eye pressure is not noticed.

The question always arises – which is worse cataract or glaucoma? Indeed, both lead to vision loss but it is important to note that cataracts are reversible, and glaucoma is not reversible.  Damage is permanent in glaucoma. A cataract is one of the causes of preventable blindness.


In cataracts, the crystalline transparent natural lens of the eye becomes fuzzy due to changes in the lens proteins. This is age-related or due to sun exposure. This is the most common cause of vision impairment in people over the age of 40 years. This can be reversed by surgery. Surgery is advanced with the use of a variety of intraocular lens which offers very good vision.

  • – lens cloudy
  • – age-related
  • – reversible by surgery
  • – easy to detect


In glaucoma, there is damage to the optic nerve and this can be related to aging. There is increased pressure in the eyes due to the decreased outflow of fluid from the eye. This can be a slow process and difficult to detect. The disease does not have any remarkable symptoms and can silently destroy the vision. Hence this is a more serious problem.

  • – Optic nerve damage occurs
  • – More common in elderly
  • – Difficult to detect
  • – Usually irreversible

Regular eye check-up beyond the age of 40 years is needed to prevent and identify eye problems. Timely treatment will ensure eyesight is maintained.

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